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Interviews and Conferences

2023, Young Optometrists presentation on “Mental Health and Coping in Vision Loss”

2021, Macular Disease Foundation Australia. Presentation to community and professional members on “Understanding Mental Health and Coping in Vision Loss.”

2019, Appearance on Today Extra TV show interviewed by Sonya Kruger regarding the psychological impact of vision impairment on individuals

2018, IOF Regional 7th Asia-Pacific Osteoporosis Conference – oral, BMD and other parameters of bone in Asia vs West, Sanders KM, Daly R, Connaughton C, Ferguson E, and Sturrock B (senior author)

2017, Blind Citizens Australia Convention, presented on panel for emotional well-being in blindness and vision impairment

2017, Vision 2017 (The Netherlands): A prospective study of change in depressive symptoms over 12-months in adults with low vision who were accessing vision
rehabilitation – Next Generation Award

2017, Vision Australia Radio interviews ongoing – emotional well-being in vision loss and recent research advances.

2016, WCBCT symposium topic: Psychological Wellbeing in Individuals with Sensory Loss: Current Management, Gaps and New Approaches

Interview on Talking Vision – Vision Australia Radio Show March 2016 – acceptance-focussed guided self-help programme development.

Fairfax – Sunday Life – The Sunday Age 25/11/2012 – Shutter Bugs.

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Vision 2014 Conference – Sturrock, BA., Holloway, E., Keeffe, J., Mellor, D., Kienhuis, M., Smith, G., Hegel, M., Casten, R., & Rees, G. Rehabilitation Staff Perspectives of Training to Deliver Problem-Solving Therapy (PST) within a Low Vision Service Setting.

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The Next Generation Researchers Award for 3rd best conference oral presentation – Vision 2017 – Netherlands

The Harold Mitchell Foundation Post-Doctorate Travel Award 2017 to attend Vision 2017, The Netherlands

The CERA Excellence in Research Award 2013 – Centre for Eye Research Australia (University of Melbourne) – for exceptional effort in translational research that has led to a change in clinical practice